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With the summer wedding season fast approaching and many couples looking for ways to cut back on the cost of their nuptials, outdoor weddings are enjoying resurgence in popularity.  Not only does an outdoor event drastically reduce the amount spent on church and reception hall rental, but it also opens up a multitude of other cost cutting opportunities.  With that in mind, we've compiled a list of five easy ways to save money when planning your outdoor wedding.1. Choose a month other than June.  June is by far the most popular month for weddings, and with good reason; the weather is usually beautiful.  But June isn't the only calendar month with nice weather, and by choosing an earlier spring date or a fall date, you can save a lot of money with various vendors.
Many photographers, caterers, and rental suppliers will charge a premium for weddings during the busy month of June, simply because demand is so high.  If the date will work for you and your fiancé, consider an April or October wedding instead.2. Consider a morning wedding.  Most weddings are held in the afternoon or evening, but there's no reason you can’t have a wedding in the morning.  Morning weddings are often a modern indoor Furniture great way to cut back on expenses, for several reasons.  First, you can serve breakfast instead of dinner.  This eliminates the need to worry about expensive appetizers and alcoholic beverages.  Generally speaking, breakfast foods are less expensive anyway.  Furthermore, you may be able to negotiate some discounts with your service providers, since morning weddings aren't that common, and you may also have an easier time booking the providers you want.3. Choose a low cost outdoor venue like a friend or family member's backyard.  While it's true that outdoor weddings are generally less expensive than indoor events, some outdoor venues can be pricey to rent.  For example, if you were hoping for a very popular state park with a scenic overlook, don't expect it to come cheap.
By holding your event in a smaller or less formal outdoor space, not only can you save a lot of money on the location, but it can also afford you more flexibility with decorating.4. Plant some flowers!  Assuming you have chosen to hold the wedding in a space where you have some flexibility and control, consider planting some flowers a few months before the event to cut back on the florist's expense.  Planting flowers is also a great way to ensure that you'll have exactly the variety of colors and textures you want when your big day arrives.5. Buy decorations that can be used in your new home after the wedding is over.  Outdoor weddings are often decorated with items that can be reused later in the couple's new yard.  For example, consider a large wedding arbor or pergola as the backdrop for your photos or the focal point where you'll recite your vows.  Garden trellises can also make a nice backdrop, as can large urns of flowers or planter boxes.  If you have the ability to set these items in place a month or two in advance, go ahead and do so and plant some climbing flowers and vines like morning glory or nasturtium that will grow up the structures before your event.  When the wedding is over, the items can be used to landscape your new home's yard, and over the years, they will hold a very special sentimental value to you and your spouse.These are just a few of many ways you can save money on outdoor wedding planning.  With a little creativity and thinking outside the box, you can plan a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking the bank.

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